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Benni & Sofie

What are Smack Customers Saying?

"Benni, our 3 year old English bulldog has experienced allergies of all kinds since he was a puppy. We tried every kibble under the sun to try and help him, but to no avail. He still had goopy eyes, swollen paw pads, red yeast between his toes, hot spots, and a variety of other issues caused by allergies. This lead to steriods and a variety of supplements to try and help his symptoms.

We practically had to beg Benni to eat. Any food we tried just made him feel awful. We’ve always wanted to feed raw, but were intimidated by the idea of handling raw meat.

Smack was introduced to us by our dog trainer Sharon Hobbs. It has been the best thing to happen to us! Benni still starts drooling and actually runs to his dish when it’s feeding time! Smack has saved us hundreds of dollars in vet bills. It’s also user friendly and takes the fear out of feeding raw! Thank you Smack for helping us give our dogs the quality of life they so deserve!"

Lisa, Benni, and Sofie Bouma

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